Set up the air sofa in 10 seconds, it's that easy!

Set up the air sofa in 10 seconds, it's that easy!

Do you have problems filling the LayBag? You think it can't be that easy? NOT CORRECT! You think it's much harder than in the promotional videos? It's really a 10 second thing.

As a professional inflatable sofa expert, ORSEN will teach you how to properly inflate the air sofa.

1.Hold the end of the LayBag with both hands where the opening is and unroll it completely in front of you. The LayBag should be straight in front of you. Make sure it's not twisted!

First step to set up air sofa

2. The LayBag has two chambers, one upper and one lower, which must be filled (in the middle, in between, there is no chamber). First, open one chamber as wide as you can while keeping the others closed. It is best to start with the lower chamber. Tests have shown that this is a bit easier for most people!

The second step in setting up the air sofa

3. Now you have to pull the LayBag horizontally through the air in one quick movement 2-3 times in front of you, as if you want to catch something with it. Always close the chamber immediately after the end of this movement. Avoid turning as you do this so that you don't push the air out again through physical contact. So do not hit the LayBag and carry out an even, horizontal movement.

4. Now you have to open the second chamber. But make sure that you keep the first filled page completely closed.

5. Now simply repeat step number 3 with the second chamber until the LayBag is completely and tightly filled.

6. As soon as you have enough air in the LayBag, you can roll up the end as tightly as possible.

7. Now simply close the clasp with a click and:

8. You did it! Throw yourself on your LayBag and relax!

But choosing the right air sofa is the most important thing, because the cheap air sofa is very difficult to fill. Our ORSEN air sofa can do it very well and will only bring you joy! ORSEN Air Sofa is made of lightweight nylon ripstop fabric, which is characterized by its particular robustness and high quality. With the coating, it is waterproof and anti-static. 

This is relaxation without limits, practically anytime and anywhere. The air sofa is ideal for outdoor fans in particular, as it can be used almost limitlessly. The only place I can think of where the air sofa can't be used is in space.
But only because there is a lack of air there.
Anyone who goes to the park during their lunch break no longer has to sit down on the dirty and uncomfortable park bench, but can sit comfortably on their sofa and take a nap. The lounge chair can simply be taken anywhere, anytime.

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