Orsen Airfresh-World's Safest Snorkel Mask with Walkie Talkie

Orsen Airfresh-World's Safest Snorkel Mask with Walkie Talkie

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For those who want to immerse themselves into the beauty of the ocean, snorkeling is the best way to be close to the sea. During the past, an external respirator was necessary to go snorkeling.. However, the long-period use of respirator often resulted in jaw fatigue or even inflammation due to excessive friction for a long time. The good news for all snorkeling enthusiasts is the birth of full-face snorkel masks through which people can breathe directly with their mouths and noses without coming into contact with the salty water. Nevertheless, more and more accidents are caused due to the the incorrect use of snorkel masks occurred in recent years, which stops people using this innovative product.

According to the report of Hawaiian oceanic agency, an average of 18 people die each year in Hawaiian waters due to the use of poor quality snorkel masks. Moreover, almost all of the snorkel masks on the market are unable to meet the safety standard of carbon dioxide. Wearing them for a long time may cause coma or be life-threatening. The water leakage and fogging brought by snorkel masks of poor quality will significantly inhibit your snorkeling experience and holiday mood. We don’t think snorkelers should continue to suffer these same problems over and over again, and we Orsen team will redefine the snorkel mask that takes snorkeling to new heights. Our mission is to offer the safest snorkeling experience for you!Who are we? We are Orsen team, a famous brand originated in China Established in 1994. Our team has been innovation focused and dedicated to improve the snorkeling experience, bydesigning superior products tailored to meet the evolving needs of snorkelers. Different from the traditional mask, our newest model -the Airfresh snorkel mask-makes the best use of snorkel length to maximize air circulation, and optimizes the lens shape to provide unparalleled underwater visibility. 

Improved air intake & exhaust to eliminate CO2-buildup.When snorkeling, you can breathe the way you do naturally with both nose and mouth by using our Orsen Airfresh snorkel mask, featuringan innovative airflow exchange system. You don't need to exhale and inhale very hard as our airflow exchange system will automatically let air circulate in and out. This creates an airflow with reduced resistance, allowing more fresh air to circulate through the mask and thus preventingCO2 buildup. No safety issue anymore! Our masks can even be used regularly without the Airfresh system. 

Advanced walkie talkie system. Our latest developed walkie talkie system is optional. You can connect this IP68 waterproof intercom with your mobile phone via BT to answer your phone, listen to music, etc. You can even be connected with another talkie to achieve real-time conversation with your partner. 

Better anti-leak seal. According to the ergonomic design and data report, Orsen Airfresh snorkel mask can perfectly fit everyone's face shape, and there is no need to worry about water leakage anymore. We employ surgical grade allergy-proof silicone certified by FDA to bring you unprecedented facial comfort!

No more fogging. Our anti-fog mask utilizes the latest separation system on air inlet and outlet. The exhaled air will be automatically discharged from the mask via air flow exchange system, while the fresh air will be continuously delivered to the breathing area so that the lens can be kept clear without fogging because the internal and external temperature reaches a relative value.
Impeccable attention to detail is put into every Orsen mask. Considering the buckles of most snorkel masks will become loose, our anti-loose buckles specially designed to snugly fit against the head's natural curvature, maintaining great fit and unprecedented comfort.
30% extra visibility. With a 180-degree lens, your viewing area is expanded by 30%, so you can take in everything below the surface and truly enjoy the mind-blowing marine life beneath with wider views.
Foldable. Our patented Orsen snorkel mask can be easily folded for storage and safe transportation. No more worry about the missing tube and no efforts required to detach and attach the snorkel tube. In addition, the detachable motion camera support will also bring you great convenience. 


Main Features:
3 years’ development on the innovative exhaust and automatic air exchange system. Solutions on the excessive carbon dioxide standard enables underwater explorers breathe freely and effortlessly.
Free conversation under the water: the BT walkie talkie is waterproof. It can be used with a distance of 80m, and it can also be connected with mobile phones for communication and enjoying music.
Anti-fog design. Your breath circulates to mask lens, effectively eliminating fogging.
Detachable Motion Camera Mount. Portable and foldable. Records the beautiful underwater moments anytime.
Surgical grade silicone skirt with wide seal edge.
Long battery life: 2400mA rechargeable lithium battery can last for more than 6 hours after being fully charged.
Anti-leak: Skirt seal and head strap combined for the perfect watertight seal on face.
Wide 180 degree field of viewof aquatic life.
Removable snorkel tube for easy storage.

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