What should you know before buying an air sofa?

What should you know before buying an air sofa?

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Do you know how to choose a good air sofa?
And what should you know before buying it? 

What are the current problems with most air couch:
1. Difficult to blow out
2. Air is constantly out
3. Not waterproof
4. Cheap polyester materials will be harmful to the skin and
even cause skin irritation. Poor quality, Not convenient to lie down.

How to solve the problem?
The ORSEN Team has developed a unique design that solves all problems!!

Solution to the 1st problem:
Two air channels with high-quality sealing clamp, so the air is very pure.

Solution to the 2nd problem:
Double airbag design, inside the air sofa, there is still a high quality foil that can keep the air very perfect in protecting the first layer.

Solution to the 3rd problem:
WATERPROOF MATERIAL, It can therefore also be used as a float on the water.

Solution to the 4th problem:
The ORSEN air sofa is made of polyester 210T fabric, waterproof and breathable TPU film, thickness 0.15 mm. The use of high-tech seamless sewing technology has completely solved the seamless problem so that the sofa does not become obsolete in high temperatures, low temperatures, prolonging the lifespan.

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